Creating a layer-based slice

Another method for defining slices in Photoshop and ImageReady is to convert layers into slices. A layer-based slice includes all the pixel data in the layer. When you edit the layer, move it, or apply a layer effect to it, the layer-based slice adjusts to encompass the new pixels. To unlink a layer-based slice from its layer, you can convert it to a user slice.

You'll create a slice based on the Copyright Strip layer, and then apply a layer effect to it so you can see how the slice adjusts to the new effect.

1 In the Layers palette, expand the Copyright Strip layer set and select the Strip Background layer.

The Strip Background layer contains the white strip that goes across the bottom of the banner.

2 Choose Layer > New Layer Based Slice.

ImageReady replaces the auto slices with one layer-based slice for the entire layer. Notice the icon (03) in the upper left corner of the slice that indicates that the slice is layer-based.

O 0

Layers \ ' 0

:' Normal l-^ Opacity: 11 OOSS [


p- |_| inidyw nuuuvHr* r—



| | Black Button Bar


LJ Archrtech Highlights



|~T~| Architech I* Q



► LJ L°9°



Top Banner

9 9 9

| J | dace copyright info- here i... | J

| || Strp Back^owid T

o. El -i a s

Note: You can still apply layer styles to the layer that you used to create the layer-based slice. The dimensions of the slice automatically increase to accommodate any extra space required to show the effect.

3 Choose File > Save to save your work in ImageReady.

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