Creating form and dimension with wet media brushes

Before you begin painting, you'll load one of the alpha channels that has been prepared for you. You'll use three different prepared alpha channels to restrict your painting to each of the three segments you're going to paint, so you don't have to worry about getting paint in other areas of the image or painting out the ribs of the umbrella.

1 In the Layers palette, select the Wet_Dk blue layer.

2 Choose Select > Load Selection.

3 In the Load Selection dialog box, select Alpha 1 from the Channel pop-up menu, and then click OK.

In the image window, a selection border appears around the lower of the three umbrella panels that you'll paint.

If you find the selection border distracting, you can hide it by pressing Ctrl+H (Windows) or Command+H (Mac OS). Even though the marquee is not visible, your painting is still restricted to the area within it. To make the selection border visible again, use the same keyboard shortcut.

4 Starting near the center of the umbrella, paint with short, downward strokes to build up a subtle shading, concentrating on the areas next to the umbrella spokes.

As you work, you can experiment with different brush sizes and opacity settings to create varied texture and shadows.

5 In the Swatches palette, select the darker blue swatch that you created earlier, and continue to paint until that section of the umbrella coordinates nicely with the panels of the umbrella that are already painted.

6 Choose Select > Deselect. Then choose Select >Load Selection and select the Alpha 2 Channel in the pop-up menu. Repeat steps 4 and 5 to shade in the second of the three umbrella sections.

7 Repeat step 6, but this time select the Alpha 3 Channel and paint the third umbrella section.

8 When you finish painting, click the arrow to collapse the Umbrella layer set in the Layers palette, drag the Swatches palette back into the Color palette layer group, and then choose File > Save.

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