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You have already had some practice with layer sets in earlier lessons in this book. Layer sets help you organize and manage individual layers by grouping them. You can then expand the layer set to view the layers contained in it or collapse the set to simplify your view. You can change the stacking order of layers within a layer set.

Layer sets function like layers, so that you can not only select, duplicate, and move entire sets of layers, but you can also apply attributes and masks to the entire layer set. Any changes you make at the layer-set level apply to all the layers within the layer set.

In this section, you'll create two layer sets, one for type and another for the metal grille.

1 In the Layers palette, click the Create a New Set button ( _i) twice to create two layer sets.

2 Double-click the name Set 2 and type Words.

3 Double-click the name Set 1 and type Images.

Now you're going to move the Metal Grille and Rust layers into the Images layer set.

4 In the Layers palette, drag the Metal Grille layer onto the folder icon ( _i) for the Images layer set, and release the mouse button. The Metal Grille layer now appears indented under the Images layer set.

5 Drag the Rust layer to add it to the Images layer set, too. Notice that the Rust layer is also indented and below the Metal Grille layer in the layer set.

6 Choose File > Save.

Using adjustment layers (Photoshop)

An adjustment layer lets you experiment with color or tonal adjustments to an image without permanently modifying the pixels in the image. The color or tonal changes reside within the adjustment layer, which acts as a veil through which the underlying image layers appear.

Keep in mind that an adjustment layer affects all the layers below it. This lets you correct multiple layers by making a single adjustment, rather than making the adjustment to each layer separately.

Note: Adjustment layers can be applied and edited only in Photoshop; however, they can be viewed in ImageReady. When you apply an adjustment layer to a layer set, Photoshop adds the new adjustment layer in the layer set above the existing layers.

-From Adobe Photoshop 7.0 online Help

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