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In ImageReady and Photoshop, you can create No Image slices and add text or HTML source code to them. No Image slices can have a background color and are saved as part of the HTML file.

The primary advantage of using No Image slices for text is that the text can be edited in any HTML editor, saving you the trouble of having to go back to Photoshop or ImageReady to edit it. The disadvantage is that if the text grows too large for the slice, it will break the HTML table and introduce unwanted gaps.

Now you'll convert the Copyright Strip slice into a No Image slice and add text to it.

1 Make sure that the layer-based slice that you created for the copyright information is selected in the image window.

2 In the Slice palette, choose No Image from the Type pop-up menu.

3 Enter some copyright information for your banner in the Text box. (We used ©2003 architech art and structure.)

O 0

|t Slice\

Type: No knags i' great is HTML BG: None

L:£O 1


2003 architech art and structure

Horiz: Default * 1 Vert: Default i 1


You can add a copyright symbol by pressing Alt+0169 on the numeric keypad (Windows) or Option+G (Mac OS).

Because you chose No Image for the slice type, the layer of placeholder text ("place copyright info here in slice") that you do see in ImageReady will not appear in the Web page. The text that you typed will appear in the Web page; however, it does not appear in your sliced image in ImageReady or Photoshop.

4 In the Layers palette, click the arrow to collapse the Copyright Strip layer set.

5 Choose File > Save.

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