Creating separate work paths

When you drew straight segments earlier in this lesson, you drew a vertical line, an angled line, a zigzag line, and a closed line (the triangle). All of these lines were subpaths of the Straight Lines work path in the Paths palette.

Sometimes you'll want to separate different lines you draw as entirely separate named paths, so that you can assign additional properties on the path level. To start a new Work Path, you deselect the current path in the Paths palette and then start drawing.

1 In the Paths palette, click in the blank area below the Curve 1 path to deselect the path.

Note: When you deselect a path in the Paths palette, any paths or subpaths on it are deselected. This hides them because paths contain no pixel-altering properties in themselves.

2 Drag up from point E to the red dot. When you release the mouse button from point E, a new Work Path appears in the Paths palette.

3 Drag from point F to its red dot.

4 End the path using one of the methods you've learned.

5 Double-click the Work Path in the Paths palette to open the Save Path dialog box, type Curve 2 to name the path, and then click OK.

6 In the Paths palette, click the empty area below Curve 2 to deselect it.

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