Creating slices from selections

In ImageReady, the easiest way to create a slice for a small or unusually shaped graphic element is to select the element and use the selection as the basis for the slice. This is also a useful technique for slicing objects that are crowded closely together. For graphic elements that are distinctly colored, the magic wand tool (\) may be a good choice for making the initial selection. In this procedure, you'll use a keyboard shortcut to select a graphic element that is on its own layer.

1 In the Layers palette, expand the Logo layer set.

2 Hold down Ctrl (Windows) or Command (Mac OS) and select the Big Circle layer. The blue circle shape is now selected in the image window.



Layers \ ►


1 t ^ Opacity: 11 00!S

Look:|nk|4* aj Unifyf^l^im


| [ | Architech ^ {j


T CM Ld9d



n [jQ L^aLArt »T|


| I Small Circle


f jjji H^j^l


DOs^n* ® il


^ Qj Top Banned ' A



o.1 a II □ i a i a

designs structures art

designs structures art

3 Choose Select > Create Slice from Selection.

Notice the additional auto slices that are created around the logo to complete the table.

4 In the Slice palette, enter the following: In Name, type Logo; in URL, type Team.html; and in Alt, type Read about the team. Enter _blank in the Target text box by choosing it from the Target pop-up menu.

0 0


Type: Image ' J ■ Name: |Logo


URL: 1 Team.html

03 - GIF

Target: |_blank

i- Dimensions -

Message: |


Alt: |Read about team

□ Const

rain Proportions

5 In the toolbar, make sure that the slice tool or slice selection tool is not selected, or select any other tool.

6 Choose Select > Deselect to remove selection lines from the logo. The slice selection border and handles remain selected.

If the slice tool or slice select tool is currently active, the Deselect Slices command appears on the Select menu instead of the Deselect command.

7 Choose File > Save.

Q You can choose URLs that you've already entered previously from the URL pop-up menu in the Slice palette.

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