Creating work paths from text

Currently, the word invitational appears on a type layer, not as a work path. That's about to change. After you use the type layer to create a work path, you can save the work path and manipulate it like any other path. Because it is a vector path instead of rasterized, the characters maintain their sharp edges.

Before you begin, compare the position of the word invitational in the 10End.psd sample file to your file and make sure that it is sized, spelled, and positioned exactly the way you want it to be. After you create the work paths, you won't be able to change the position easily and may have to start the process over if you aren't satisfied with the results.

1 In the Layers palette, make sure that the "invitational" type layer is selected, and then choose Layer > Type > Create Work Path.

On the Paths palette, notice that a new Work Path listing appears, including a thumbnail of the "invitational" text.

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