Deselecting paths

Deselecting paths is sometimes necessary to see the appropriate tool options bar when you select a vector tool. Deselecting paths can also help you view certain effects that might be obscured if a path is highlighted. Before proceeding to the next section of this lesson, you'll make sure that all paths are deselected.

1 Select the path selection tool ( 0, which is currently hidden under the direct selection tool(*).

2 In the tool options bar, click the Dismiss Target Path button (s).

i^SS;—V : LiIJ 04 Jd:

(U 1

Note: An alternate way to deselect paths is to click in the blank area below the paths in the Paths palette.

Your paths are now deselected and the grainy path lines have disappeared, leaving a sharp edge between the blue and green areas. Also, the Shape 1 Vector Mask is no longer highlighted in the Paths palette.

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