Displaying warped text in the Over state

In the following topics in this lesson, you'll create several primary and secondary rollover effects for various rollover actions. You'll begin with a rollover for the Over state of the Contact button. Your goal is to make the text layer architech appear warped when the pointer moves over the Contact button. Because you'll create this rollover for the Contact button and the result will be a change in an area that is outside that slice, it fits the definition of a secondary rollover.

1 Click the Original tab in the image window.

2 Using the slice select tool (5F), select the Contact_button slice in the image window. Or, select it in the Rollovers palette. In either case, selecting it in one place also selects it in the other.

3 In the Rollover palette, click the Create Rollover State button (j). A new Over State rollover appears nested below the Contact_button slice in the palette.

4 In the Layers palette, select the Architech type layer.

5 Select the type tool ('I') to display the text options in the tool options bar, and click the Create Warped Text button ( ).

6 In the Style pop-up menu in the Warp Text dialog box, choose Bulge. Select Preview and wait a moment to see the effect applied to the type. (You may need to move the dialog box so you can see the type in the image.) You can try out various values for the different Bulge style settings or choose other styles to find a combination that appeals to you. When you're satisfied with a style and settings, make sure they are selected, and click OK.

The Warped Text effect is applied only to the Over state of the button.

Normal state of the Contact button Over state of the Contact button

7 In the Rollover palette, click the Normal state. The word now appears in its undistorted condition.

8 Choose File > Save.

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