Drawing the outline of a shape

Use the following steps to create a path, outlining the shape of the space ship.

1 Choose File > Open, and open the file Saucer.psd from the Lessons/Lesson09 folder.

2 Select the pen tool U), hidden under the convert point tool (i ).

If necessary, zoom in so that you can easily see the lettered points and red dots on the shape template that has been created for you.

3 Position the pointer on point A, and drag to the red dot to set the first anchor point and the direction of the first curve. Then do the same thing at point B.

At the corner of the cockpit (point B), you'll need to make the point a corner point, to create a sharp transition between the curved segment and the straight one.

4 Alt-click (Windows) or Option-click (Mac OS) point B to convert the smooth point into a corner point by removing one of the direction lines.

Setting a smooth point at B Converting the smooth point to a corner point

Setting a smooth point at B Converting the smooth point to a corner point

5 Click point C to set a straight segment (don't drag).

If you make a mistake while you're drawing, choose Edit > Undo to undo the step. Then resume drawing.

6 Drag up from point D to the red dot. Then drag down from point E to its red dot.

7 Click point F.

8 Set curve points at G, H, and I by dragging from the points to their respective red dots.

9 Click point J.

10 Set curve points at K and L by dragging from each one to its respective red dot.

11 Click point M and then point N.

12 Hold down Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac OS) and drag from point N to the red dot, to add one direction line to the anchor point at N.

13 Move the pointer over point A so that a small circle appears in the pointer icon, and click to close the path. (The small circle may be difficult to see because the image is dark and the circle is faint.)

14 In the Paths palette, double-click the Work Path, type Saucer in the Name text box, and click OK to save it.

15 Choose File > Save to save your work.

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