Editing text

Layer effects are automatically applied to changes you make to a layer. You can edit the text and watch how the layer effect tracks the change.

1 In the Layers palette, select the Jardin 2000 layer.

2 In the toolbox, select the type tool CO.

3 In the tool options bar, change the Font Size option from 60 pts to 72 pts.

Although you didn't select the text by dragging the text tool (as you would in a word-processing program), all the text on the layer now appears in 72-point type.

4 Using the type tool, select the last zero in "2000."

5 Type 4 so that the text block now reads "Jardin 2004."

Notice that the text formatting and layer styles remain applied to all the text.

6 On the tool options bar, click the Commit Any Current Edits button () to commit your edits and to switch out of edit mode.

7 Choose File > Save.

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