Expanding and collapsing palettes

You can also resize a palette to see more or fewer of the available options it contains, either by dragging or by clicking to toggle between preset sizes.

• To change the height of a palette, drag its lower right corner.

• To return a resized palette to its default size, click the minimize/maximize box (Windows) or the resize box (Mac OS). (A second click collapses the palette group.)

A. Mac OS 10 B. Mac OS C. Windows

Note: You cannot resize the Info, Color, Character, and Paragraph palettes in Photoshop, or the Optimize, Info, Color, Layer Options, Character, Paragraph, Slice, and Image Map palettes in ImageReady.

• To collapse a group to palette titles only, Alt-click the minimize/maximize box (Windows) or click the resize box (Mac OS). Or, double-click a palette tab.

Notice that the tabs for the various palettes in the palette group and the button for the palette menu remain visible after you collapse a palette.

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