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In Photoshop and ImageReady, you can convert all the areas between guides into user slices. When you convert guides into slices, the entire image is sliced and you lose any preexisting slices.

1 Choose File > Save, and then choose View > Show > and make sure that checkmarks appear by both Slices, Autoslices, and Guides commands. If not, select those commands now, as needed.

2 In the toolbox, select the slice select tool (y), and then select the Designs_button slice in the image window.

In the Slice palette, notice that the slice name, URL, Target, and Alt text that you entered in Photoshop appear in this ImageReady palette.

O 0

i Slice\


; Imq.

BG: None ►1

1 designs 1

1 Designs-button



| Designs.html


03 1 — GIF Target



Message: | |




| | Constrain Proportions

3 Choose Slices > Create Slices From Guides.

3 Choose Slices > Create Slices From Guides.

This is a quick method for creating slices for every rectangular area between the guides.

4 Use the slice select tool to select the Designs_button slice again.

Notice that the options in the Slice palette for the Designs_button slice have changed to a default name based on the filename and slice number, and you've lost the options you set in Photoshop. Because that isn't what you want to happen, you'll undo this process.

5 Choose Edit > Undo Create Slices From Guides.

6 Choose View > Show > Guides to deselect the Guides command and hide the guides.

In Photoshop, you can perform this same task by selecting the slice tool ( ) in the toolbox, and then clicking the Slices From Guides button on the tool options bar.

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