Exploring the Color Table

The Color Table palette displays the colors that the currently selected color reduction algorithm uses for the currently active file—in this case, the colors that the Perceptual option selects for the zoo map image. The colors appear to be listed in random order in the palette.

The total number of colors is listed at the bottom of the palette. You can resize the palette or use the scroll bar to view all the colors. You can also change how the colors are arranged in the palette.

In the Color Table palette, a few of the colors have a tiny white diamond shape at the center of the swatch. These diamonds indicate that those colors are Web-safe.

1 On the Color Table palette menu, choose Sort By Hue, and notice how the arrangement of the color swatches changes.

2 In the Optimize palette, choose Web from the Color Reduction Algorithm menu.

Settings: | [Unnamed]

^ Web^j 3-21 Colors: |-$-|*""to 3 |No Dither T] ™ier: | H]

Notice that the color changes in the image and in the Color Table palette, which updates to reflect the Web palette.

3 Experiment by selecting different optimize options and notice the effects on the image and on the Color Table palette.

4 When you finish experimenting, re-enter the settings you had earlier: GIF 128

No Dither and Perceptual. (You can leave the colors sorted any way: unsorted, by hue, by luminance, or by popularity.)

For the Web: Viewing hexadecimal values for colors in the Info palette

In Photoshop, hexadecimal values for colors are displayed in the Info palette when you select Web Color mode for one or both color readouts. In ImageReady, hexadecimal values for colors are displayed automatically in the right side of the Info palette, next to RGB color values. The Photoshop and ImageReady Info palettes also display other information, depending on the tool being used.

To view hexadecimal color values in the Photoshop Info palette:

1. Choose Window > Info or click the Info palette tab to view the palette.

2. Choose Palette Options from the Palette menu.

3. Under First Color Readout, Second Color Readout, or both, choose Web Color from the Mode menu.

The Info palette displays the hexadecimal equivalents for the RGB values of the color beneath the pointer in the image.

-From Adobe Photoshop 7.0 online Help

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