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In this lesson, you'll become familiar with one of the new features in the Photoshop 7.0 work area: the File Browser. The File Browser looks and works in ways similar to other Photoshop palettes. It also shares some functions with ordinary folders on the desktop, Explorer (Windows), and Finder (Mac OS). Beyond both desktop folders and Photoshop palettes, the File Browser has unique features and displays that are not available elsewhere.

1 Start Photoshop.

If a notice appears asking whether you want to customize your color settings, click No.

2 Choose File > Browse to open the Photoshop File Browser.

3 The File Browser expands open from the palette well in the upper right work area. Drag the File Browser tab to the center of the work area to pull it away from the palette well.

Note: If the size of the Photoshop work area on your monitor is less than 800 pixels x 600 pixels, the palette well does not appear, and the File Browser opens in its separated state.

4 Resize the File Browser, either by dragging the lower right corner or by clicking the maximize button (on the right end of the File Browser title bar).

If you click the maximize button, the File Browser fills the entire work area.

5 (Optional) Press Tab to hide the toolbox and all the other palettes, leaving the File Browser open. Then choose Window > Options to reopen the tool options bar.

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