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Before beginning this lesson, restore the default application settings for Adobe Photoshop and Adobe ImageReady. See "Restoring default preferences" on page 5.

In this lesson, you'll work with a set of images designed to appear on the Web page of a fresh-juice company. If you have a browser application installed on your computer, you can preview the finished animations.

Then, before you start working on the file, you'll define a new workspace especially for animation work.

1 Start your browser application.

2 From your browser, choose File > Open, and open the file Jus.html from the Lessons/Lesson16/Jus folder.

3 When you have finished viewing the file, quit the browser and start ImageReady.

4 In the ImageReady work area, close both the Color palette group and the Rollovers palette group.

5 Resize the Layers palette so that it is large enough to show at least five layers, and move it below the Optimize palette, leaving a gap between the two palettes of a half inch or so. (You'll need the space later, when you expand the Optimize palette.)

6 Choose Window > Workspace > Save Workspace, and then type Animation_16 in the Save Workspace dialog box, and click OK.

Now you can quickly restore these palette sizes and positions by choosing Window > Workspace > Animation_16 at any time.

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