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Before beginning this lesson, restore the default application settings for Adobe Photoshop. See "Restoring default preferences" on page 5.

You'll start the lesson by viewing the finished image that you'll create using masks and channels.

1 Start Adobe Photoshop.

If a notice appears asking whether you want to customize your color settings, click No.

2 Click Cancel to exit the color management dialog box if it appears.

3 Choose File > Open, and open the 06End.psd file, in the Lessons/Lesson06 folder.

4 When you have finished viewing the file, either leave it open for reference or close it without saving changes.

Your goal in this lesson is primarily to take an ordinary photograph of an egret in the wild and make the landscape around the bird look as if it were hand-drawn in colored-pencil strokes. You'll also make intricate selections of the grasses from other photographs and place them in the foreground of the egret image. Your final touch will be to add a gradient, to soften the image.

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