Importing a layer from another file

In this part of the lesson, you'll import an existing layer from another file into your artwork. Although the imported layer contains the word diesel and was originally created with the type tool, the text has now been converted to a graphic. You can no longer edit it with the type tool, but the advantage here is that you also don't have to worry about whether or not your users or other people working on the file have the same font installed on their machines in order to see the image correctly.

1 Select the Words layer set in the Layers palette.

2 Choose File > Open, select Diesel.psd, and click Open.

3 With the Diesel.psd active, drag the Diesel layer from the Layers palette into the 11Start.psd image.

Because the Words layer set was selected in the 11Start.psd image, the Diesel layer is added to that set.

4 Select the move tool (*..) and drag the Diesel layer image into position so that it is in the center of the 11Start.psd image and near the bottom.

5 Choose File > Save to save your 11Start.psd file.

6 Choose Window > Documents > Diesel.psd, and then close that file without saving it.

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