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• JPEG Medium. At this setting, the image quality is acceptable and the file size is lower than either the JPEG High version or the GIF version.

Note: You can select other intermediate levels of quality for JPEG files by typing or dragging the Quality slider option on the right side of the Save For Web dialog box.

Now that you've tried different GIF and JPEG settings, you'll use the fourth image preview to try another format.

3 Select the lower-right version of the image, and then use the Settings menu to select PNG-8 128 Dithered.

Although this results in a smaller file size than the original image, the image quality is not as good as the JPEG Medium version, which also has a smaller file size. Furthermore, many older browsers cannot read the PNG format. To make this image compatible with older browsers, you will save this file for the Web using the JPEG Medium optimization.

4 Select your JPEG Medium version of the optimized image (in the lower-left corner of the dialog box), and then select the Progressive check box.

Note: When Progressive is selected, any download of the image occurs in several passes, each of which increases the image quality.

The Progressive JPEG download

5 Click Save. In the Save Optimized As dialog box, use the default name 14Start1.jpg, and save the file in the same folder as the original Photoshop file.

6 Choose File > Close, and don't save your changes.

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