Linking layers

An efficient way to work with some layers is to link two or more of them together. By linking layers, you can move and transform them simultaneously, thereby maintaining their alignment with each other.

You'll now link the Door and Doorway layers, and then move and scale them as a unit.

1 Select the move tool (*-..), and drag the door to the left so that the left edge of the door aligns with the right side of the doorway arch.

2 With the Door layer active in the Layers palette, click the small box between the Doorway (not Door) layer name and the eye icon for the Doorway layer.

A link icon (I) appears in the box, indicating that the Doorway layer is linked to the Door layer. (The active or selected layer does not display a link icon when you create linked layers.)

3 Still using the move tool, drag the doorway to the left side of the image window so that the bricks touch the left margin of the image. The door and doorway images move together.

Now you'll scale the linked layers simultaneously.

4 With the Doorway layer selected in the Layers palette, choose Edit > Free Transform. A transformation bounding box appears around the images in the linked layers.

5 Hold down Shift and drag the one of the corner handles on the right side of the bounding box to scale the door and doorway to a slightly larger size.

6 If necessary, position the pointer inside the bounding box, and drag to reposition the two images.

7 Press Enter (Windows) or Return (Mac OS) to apply the transformation changes.

8 Choose File > Save.

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