Mixing the woman's image

First, you'll select the woman's image by loading a premade selection.

1 In the Layers palette, make sure that the background is selected.

2 Choose Select > Load Selection. In the dialog box, select Woman from the Channel menu to load a selection that outlines the image of the woman. Click OK.

Now you'll mix the Green and Blue channels to improve the selection's contrast. You'll use Green as the base channel because it has the best overall contrast for the image.

3 Choose Image > Adjustments > Channel Mixer.

4 In the Channel Mixer dialog box, choose Green for the Output Channel. The Source Channel for Green changes to 100%.

5 Select the Monochrome check box to change the image to shades of gray. This option gives you an idea of how the selection will look in grayscale mode, so that you can more accurately adjust the selection's tonal range.

The resulting image is a little flat. You can bring out the contrast and improve the highlights by blending in some of the Blue channel.

6 Drag the slider for the Blue Source Channel to 10%. Click OK.

Channel Mixer

Channel Mixer

Selection loaded Channel Mixer dialog box with 10% blue

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