Modifying curved paths

Now you'll have a chance to edit the curved paths you've drawn.

1 Select the direct selection tool (>).

Press A to switch to the direct selection tool, or hold down Ctrl (Windows) or Command (Mac OS) when the pen tool is selected to temporarily activate the direct selection tool.

2 In the Paths palette, click Curve 2 to select it; then click the path in the image window to select it.

3 Click point E and then drag one of its two direction points in any direction to change the length, the slope, or both for that direction line.

Notice that the slope of the other direction line for that point also changes so that it is always 180° from the one you're dragging.

4 Now drag the point E anchor point to change the location of the curve.

5 Try dragging the segment itself and notice what happens to the direction lines and anchor points.

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