Moving and transforming layers for an animation

Now that you've prepared the layer duplicates in the Blender.psd file, you'll transform the two copies so that the drop appears to fall in a smooth trajectory as it escapes the blender.

1 In the Layers palette, select the Drop copy layer, and then select the move tool (*..) in the toolbox.

2 Drag the Drop copy layer to the left and down a short distance, as if it were falling in a smooth trajectory from the first position.

3 Choose Edit > Free Transform.

In the image window, the transformation bounding box appears around the Drop copy layer.

4 Position the pointer outside the bounding box so that the pointer becomes a curved double arrow and then drag counterclockwise to rotate the drop about 30° (this does not have to be exact).

5 Press Enter (Windows) or Return (Mac OS) to apply the transformation.

6 In the Layers palette, select the Drop copy 2 layer and repeat the rest of steps 2-5, but rotating the drop a little more and moving it more to the lower left, as shown in the following illustration.

! ^ EE EE EE EE EE EE EE ^ | Layers\

[Normal ; J Opacity: 100?S >

Lock:|UU|+|S| Unify:|v°a|%|«y



['t op copy 2


Drop copy






| Layer 2




Layer 1 Q

*iiihi ©J a ii □ i a i a

7 Choose File > Save to save the image with the layers you've just created.

In ImageReady, the Save command saves the layered .psd file, including all of the animation and optimization information.

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