Moving with a keyboard shortcut

Next you'll select the black oval and then move it onto the book using a keyboard shortcut. The shortcut enables you to temporarily access the move tool instead of selecting it from the toolbox.

1 Select the elliptical marquee tool ( . ).

2 Drag a selection around the black oval using the techniques you learned earlier. (To review those steps, see "Repositioning a selection border while creating it" on page 107.)

Note: You do not have to include absolutely all of the black oval, but make sure that the shape of your selection has the same proportions as the oval and that the thin yellow line is contained symmetrically within the selection. As long as the selection marquee is between the yellow line and the outer edge, you're fine.

3 With the elliptical marquee tool selected, hold down Ctrl (Windows) or Command (Mac OS), and move the pointer within the selection. A pair of scissors appears with the pointer to indicate that the selection will be cut from its current location.

4 Drag the oval onto the book so that it is only roughly centered. (You'll use another technique to nudge the oval into the exact position wanted.) Do not deselect.

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