Opening and cropping the files

You'll start by opening and resizing four files. Since this part of the task involves aesthetic choices about where and how much of the image to crop, you'll do these steps manually rather than recording them with the Actions palette.

1 Choose File > Open, and select the 12Start.jpg file, which is in the Lesson12 folder on your hard disk.

2 In the toolbox, select the crop tool ( -0. Hold down Shift and drag a square selection marquee around the pears. (Holding down Shift constrains the selection to a square.)

3 If necessary, make any adjustments to the selection so that the pears are centered in the cropping marquee and fit fairly snugly inside it:

• To move the marquee, click inside it and drag until it is positioned properly.

• To resize the marquee, hold down Shift and drag one of the corners to make the marquee larger or smaller.

4 Press Enter to crop the image. Or, to start over without using this cropping marquee, click any tool in the toolbox and click Don't Crop when a message appears; then start the cropping process again.

Dragging the cropping marquee Cropped image

Because you're working with a number of files, you'll rename the 12Start.jpg file with a descriptive name so that it will be easy to identify.

5 Choose File > Save As, and save the cropped image as Pears.jpg in your Lesson12 folder. If a dialog box appears with options for image quality, click OK to accept the default settings.

6 Repeat steps 1 through 4 for each of the Leaves.jpg, Dandelion.jpg, and Sand.jpg images, all of which are in your Lesson12 folder.

Note: It is not necessary to make all the cropped images the same size. You will adjust their sizes again later in this lesson.

Cropped versions of the Leaves, Dandelion, and Sand JPEG files

Leave all the newly cropped files open for the next procedures.

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