Opening the image file and starting the animation process

To get started, you'll open the new art file and review its current settings.

1 In ImageReady, choose File > Open, and open the file Logo1.psd from the Lessons/Lesson16 folder on your hard drive.

The logo consists of four different components that reside on separate layers. You'll compose animation frames that show the letters of the logo appearing and moving into their final position from different areas. The current image state reflects how you want the logo to appear at the end of the animation.

2 Make sure that the Animation and Layers palettes are visible, or choose Window > Workspace > Animation_16 to open them (or choose Window > Layers and Window > Animation).

3 In the Animation palette, click the Duplicate Current Frame button (j) to create a new animation frame.

Forever - | -<-< | | ► | !»• || * (j^ff) J |

Now that you have two frames, you've paved the way for a new animation. Your next tasks will be to create differences between the layer statuses of the two frames.

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