Optimizing a GIF image

Now you'll optimize a flat-color image in GIF format and compare the results of different palette and dither settings. Although you could do this entire section in Photoshop, you'll use ImageReady.

Photoshop and ImageReady share many features, but some tasks are more appropriately done in one application or the other, depending on your intended use of the image file. Certain tasks can be done only in Photoshop and others only in ImageReady. For these reasons, both applications include convenient ways to jump from one to the other.

If you have an open file when you jump from Photoshop to ImageReady or vice versa, the file opens in the application that you jump to. If you have more than one file open, only the active file opens in the other application when you jump. If no files are open, you can still jump back and forth from one application to the other.

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Learn Photoshop Now

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