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You can use Photoshop slices to optimize individual areas of the image, which is useful when some areas of the image require greater resolution or settings than the rest of the image. You optimize one or more slices by selecting them in the Save For Web dialog box, choosing optimization settings, and saving optimized files for either the selected slices or all slices. Photoshop creates an Images folder to contain the optimized files.

Next, you'll optimize the four user slices you defined.

1 Choose File > Save for Web.

2 On the left side of the Save For Web dialog box, select the slice select tool (* ■ ).

3 In the optimized version of the image, Shift-click to select the four slices you created.

4 On the Settings pop-up menu, choose GIF Web Palette, and then click Save.

5 In the Save Optimized As dialog box, do the following:

• On the Format pop-up menu, choose Images Only.

• On the Slices pop-up menu, choose Selected Slices.

• Select the Lessons/Lesson15/15Start/Architech Pages folder as the location for the saved file.

• Leave the name setting as it is (15Start.gif), and click Save.

Photoshop saves the optimized images in an Images folder within the Architech Pages folder and uses the names you specified in the Slice Options dialog box for the filenames. If there are any gaps in the table, Photoshop creates a Spacer.gif file.

6 Choose File > Save.

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