Painting with a custom brush

You're going to use your custom flower brush to paint a design on the fabric of the umbrella. To prevent yourself from accidentally painting the other parts of the image, you'll use another alpha channel, in the same way that you used alpha channels when you painted the shadings into the umbrella earlier in this lesson.

1 In the Layers palette, click the Umbrella layer set to make it active, and then click the arrow to expand it so that you can see the five layers nested in that set.

2 Click the New Layer button (j) at the bottom of the Layers palette. Double-click the new layer, which appears at the top of the Umbrella layer set layers, and type Flowers to name the layer.

3 Drag the Flowers layer down in the Layers palette so that it is between the Frame layer and the Wet_Dk blue layer.

4 Choose Select > Load Selection, and then select the Alpha 4 option from the pop-up menu in the Load Selection dialog box, and click OK.

This alpha channel selects the entire umbrella shape. Remember that you can hide the selection marquee using Ctrl+H (Windows) or Command+H (Mac OS) if you prefer not to be distracted by the movement in the marquee.

5 Make sure that the brush tool is still selected in the toolbox and that the Flower brush is still selected in the Brushes palette.

6 In the Color palette or Swatches palette, select a bright red color.

7 Using a series of short brush strokes, paint flowers onto the surface of the umbrella, creating a random pattern of fairly uniform density. Continue painting until you are satisfied with the result.

8 In the Layers palette, keep the Flowers layer selected and select Multiply from the blending mode pop-up menu. Then set the Opacity value for the layer to 70%.

9 Choose File > Save.

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