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Next, you'll learn how you can use the File Browser to open images in Photoshop. Before you begin, make sure that the File Browser is open and that the

Lessons/Lesson02/Digital_Camera_Images folder is still selected in the navigation pane (upper left).

1 In the thumbnails pane, select the first image in the group.

A preview of the image appears in the middle (Preview) pane on the left. The lower left (Information) pane displays data about the file.

2 Move the pointer between the upper and middle panes on the left and then drag upward to increase the height of the middle pane.

The preview image automatically resizes so that it fills the space available in the preview pane.

3 In the lower left pane, scroll down to review the file information.

The File Browser displays detailed information about the image, including image format, pixel dimensions, file size, and compression.

Because these images were created with a digital camera that exports EXIF data, the information displayed includes the creation date, exposure settings, and resolution. To view only the EXIF data, select EXIF from the pop-up menu at the far left, below the information pane.

4 With the first image still selected, press Enter or double-click the image in either the preview pane or the thumbnails pane. The image opens in a Photoshop image window.

To open multiple files from the File Browser, select the files in the thumbnails pane and then press Enter. You can select multiple files by the usual methods for your operating system: Click and then Shift-click to select a contiguous range of files, or select them by dragging the cursor across the image thumbnails you want to select; Ctrl-click (Windows) or Command-click (Mac OS) to select discontiguous images.

5 Choose File > Close to close the image file again.

6 If necessary, reopen the File Browser by clicking the File Browser tab in the palette well or by choosing File >Browser.

Note: If you opened the File Browser as its own window, it remains open when you perform actions outside of the File Browser. If you opened it in the palette well, without dragging it out as a separate window, the File Browser closes itself automatically when you perform other actions.

7 Select the last thumbnail (the dark blurry image) and click the Delete File button ( '-u) on the lower right side of the File Browser. When an alert appears, asking if you if you are sure you want to remove the file, click Yes.

Important: Dragging a file from the File Browser to the Delete File button removes the file from your hard drive, not just from the Photoshop display.

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