Previewing the completed pages in a browser

Before you save the optimized image slices, you'll preview the completed rollovers for the banner and team pages in a Web browser. However, the fictitious URL links that you assigned to the slices won't work in Preview In Browser mode, so you'll test them later when you generate the final HTML file and open the file from the browser.

1 Choose Window > Documents > 15Start.psd to switch back to the banner image.

2 In the toolbox, click the Preview In Default Browser button (£') ( i) or choose a browser from the button's pop-up menu.

3 When the page opens in the browser window, move the pointer over each rollover button in the banner.

A different image appears for each of the first three buttons, and the warped text effect appears for the last button.

4 Hold the mouse button down when the pointer is over each button.

When you hold down the mouse button: On the Designs button, the white letters "tech" are visible; on the Structures button, the white letters "arch" are visible; and on the Art button, the white letters "art" are visible.

5 Click the blue circle in the middle of the image to open the Team.html page.

6 Move the pointer over the dick, jayne, and sal names to verify that the glowing Over State is functioning properly.

7 Click each of the four buttons (sal, jayne, dick, and Team) to verify that the Selected state is also functioning properly.

8 When you're finished previewing the rollovers, quit the browser and return to ImageReady.

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