Printing in color

Color publications are expensive to print commercially because they require four passes through the press—one for each of the four process colors used to create the full-color effect. The colors in the publication must be separated into cyan, magenta, yellow, and black plates for the press, which also adds to the expense.

Printing images in two colors can be a much less costly yet effective approach for many projects, even if they begin with an image in full color. With Photoshop, you can convert color to grayscale without sacrificing image quality. You can also add a second spot color for accent, and Photoshop will create the two-color separations needed for the printing process.

Note: Spot color is intended for images that will be printed to film during the printing process. The spot-color techniques covered in this lesson are not appropriate for color images printed to desktop printers or for images designed for electronic distribution.

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