Ranking and sorting image files in the File Browser

The File Browser has a ranking feature that you can use to group and sort image thumbnails. This gives you an alternate way to sort through images beyond the ordinary sort fields available for desktop folders, such as by file name.

1 In the View By pop-up menu at the bottom of the File Browser, choose Large with Rank.

A Rank text line now appears beneath each filename in the thumbnails pane. A hyphen in the Rank text field indicates that no rank has been assigned to a thumbnail.

2 In the second-to-last image, click in the hyphen next to the word Rank and type in Close Up. Then press Tab and type Close Up again as the Rank entry of the final image.

3 At the bottom of the File Browser, click the right arrow to open the Sort By pop-up menu, and choose Rank.

Now the two "Close Up" images are the first two files shownin the thumbnail pane, because they are the only files with any Rank assignment.

Note: The Sort By Rank feature sorts by the alphanumeric order of the different rank names. When you assign ranks to your own files, choose rank names so that they start in the alphabetical order in which you want them to be sorted. It may be easier to assign ranks of A, B, C, and so forth than to use descriptive words as rank indicators. You can also rank files numerically.

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