Rearranging layers

The order in which the layers of an image are organized is called the stacking order. The stacking order of layers determines how the image is viewed—you can change the order to make certain parts of the image appear in front of or behind other layers.

Now you'll rearrange layers so that the door image moves in front of another image in the file that is currently hidden.

1 Make the Statue and Doorway layers visible by clicking the eye icon boxes next to their layer names.

Notice that the door image is partly blocked by the image of the brick doorway.

2 In the Layers palette, drag the Door layer up above the Doorway layer—look for a wider white line between the Doorway layer and the Statue layer—and then release the mouse button.

The Door layer moves up one level in the stacking order, and the door image appears in front of the doorway image.

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