Reducing the color palette

To compress the file size further, you can decrease the total number of colors included in the Color Table palette. A reduced range of colors will often preserve good image quality while dramatically reducing the file space required to store extra colors.

1 Make sure that the optimized version of the image is selected, zoom is 200% or higher, and that Perceptual is selected in the Optimization palette. Notice the current file size.

2 Hold down the spacebar and drag the image so that at least parts of the words Tropical Rainforest and some of the blue Northern Wilderness area appear in the image area.

3 In the Colors option in the Optimize palette, type or select 32 from the pop-up menu.

Notice the significant reduction in the file size, but that the quality of the image is so much lower that some details, such as some animal silhouettes, have been lost or compromised.

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