Removing spot color from a grayscale area

Now you'll remove some spot color where it overlaps the grayscale area of a second layer of the image.

1 In the Layers palette, click the eye icon box next to the Hammers layer to make it visible. (Click just the eye icon box. Do not select the layer.)

Notice that the spot color of the framework overlaps part of the Hammers layer. You'll remove this overlap by making a new selection and cutting it from the spot-color channel.

2 If guides do not appear over the image, choose View > Show > Guides.

3 Select the rectangular marquee tool ( ,), and drag a selection from the top left edge of the image to the right horizontal guide and top vertical guide. Normal should be chosen for Style in the Marquee tool options bar.

4 Make sure that the spot-color channel in the Channels palette is still active, and press Delete to remove the rectangular selection from the channel. In the image window, the spot color disappears from the hammers image.

Making selection Selection cut from spot-color channel

Making selection Selection cut from spot-color channel

5 Choose Select > Deselect.

6 Choose File > Save.

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