Renaming image files in the File Browser

You've just seen how you can use the File Browser to move a file to the Recycle Bin (Windows) or Trash (Mac OS). You can also rename the files on your hard drive by renaming them in the File Browser.

There are two advantages to renaming files in the File Browser. First, it's easier to give the files descriptive names because you can see what the images are without taking the time to open them in Photoshop. Second, you can batch-name multiple files.

1 Click the arrow next to the View By option at the bottom of the File Browser to open the pop-up menu, and select Large.

2 In the thumbnails pane, select the first thumbnail. Then click the file name below it to highlight the name, and type Glasses01.jpg.

3 Press Tab to select the next thumbnail filename. Type Glasses02.jpg.

4 Deselect the thumbnail by clicking a blank area of the thumbnails pane. Now no thumbnail is highlighted and the preview pane is blank.

5 In the File Browser, right-click (Windows) or Ctrl-click (Mac OS) to open the context menu, and choose Batch Rename. (Or, if the File Browser is not attached to the palette well, you can click the arrow button (©) to open the palette menu, and then choose Batch Rename.)


Duter\Local Disk (C:)\Documents and Settings \Desktof j (?)






Open Select All


Deselect All



■ Delete l^-

6 In the Batch Rename dialog box, select the following settings:

• Under Destination Folder, select the Rename In Same Folder option.

• Under File Naming, type Glass to replace the default "Document Name" entry.

• Press Tab to jump to the next text box, and select 2 Digit Serial Number from the pop-up menu.

• Press Tab again to jump to the next option, and select the lowercase version of the extension option on the pop-up menu (not "EXTENSION").

• Select the Compatibility check boxes for the operating systems on which you or others might use these files.

P Rename in same folder Cancel j

C Move to new folder

P Rename in same folder Cancel j

C Move to new folder

File Naming

Example: Glass01.gif

1 Glass

A + 12 Digit Serial Number


1 extension






Compatibility: (7 Windows R Mac OS 9 V Unix

7 Click OK to close the Batch Rename dialog box.

The files are renamed and numbered according to the options you selected, including the "Glasses01" and "Glasses02" files you renamed earlier.

About batch renaming

The Batch Rename command behaves differently, depending on what is or is not selected when you choose the command.

• If no thumbnails are selected, the naming scheme you specify in the Batch Rename dialog box applies the name changes to all the files in the selected folder.

• If several—but not all—thumbnails are selected, the command renames only the selected files.

• If only one file is selected, the Batch Rename command is not available (dimmed on the context and palette menus).

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