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How To Render Cars In Photoshop

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1 You can choose commands from the View menu to zoom in or out of an image, or to fit it to your screen; you can also use the zoom tools and click or drag over an image to enlarge or reduce the view. In addition, you can use keyboard shortcuts to magnify or reduce the display of an image. You can also use the Navigator palette to scroll an image or change its magnification without using the image window.

2 To select a tool, you can select the tool in the toolbox, or you can press the tool's keyboard shortcut. A selected tool remains active until you select a different tool. To select a hidden tool, you can use either a combination keyboard shortcut to toggle through the tools or you can hold down the mouse button on the tool in the toolbox to open a popup menu of the hidden tools.

3 Adobe Photoshop contains online Help, with all the information in the Adobe Photoshop 7.0 User Guide, plus keyboard shortcuts and some additional information and full-color illustrations. Photoshop also includes a link to the Adobe Systems home page for additional information on services, products, and tips pertaining to Photoshop. ImageReady 7.0 also contains online Help and a link to the Adobe home page.

4 You can create original artwork in Adobe Photoshop or ImageReady, or you can get images into the program by scanning a photograph, a transparency, a negative, or a graphic; by capturing a video image; or by importing artwork created in drawing programs. You can also import previously digitized images—such as those produced by a digital camera or by the Kodak Photo CD process.

5 You can click the Jump To button in the toolbox or choose File > Jump To to switch between Photoshop and ImageReady.

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