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1 Channels in Photoshop are used for storing information. Color channels store the color information for an image; alpha channels store selections or masks for editing specific parts of an image; and spot-color channels create color separations for printing an image with spot-color inks.

2 You can use the Color Mixer command to blend color channels to bring out the contrast and detail in an image. You can extend the tonal range of the image by adjusting its black and white points. You can also sharpen the image by applying the Unsharp Mask filter.

3 You assign specific values with the Levels command black and white eyedropper tools.

4 You set up a spot-color channel by choosing New Spot Channel from the pop-up menu on the Channels palette and by specifying a color from the Custom color picker in the New Spot Channel dialog box.

5 With the Gray channel active, you select the area, cut it from the Gray channel, and paste it into the spot-color channel.

6 You can add the text to the spot-color channel. However, text created in this way is not editable and cannot be repositioned once it is deselected.

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