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Another feature of the File Browser that goes far beyond the capabilities of a desktop folder is the ability to rotate thumbnail images. Unlike the Rename option, this feature does not alter the actual files until you open them. When you open a rotated thumbnail, Photoshop automatically rotates the image file according to the rotation you assigned in the File Browser.

1 Ctrl-click (Windows) or Command-click (Mac OS) to select the three thumbnails that are oriented sideways with the open edge of the vase or pitcher on the left side of the image.

(Do not select the thumbnail that is sideways with its open end on the right side of the image. You'll use a slightly different procedure to straighten that file.)

2 Click the Rotate button ( ) at the bottom right of the File Browser.

3 When an alert message appears, click OK.

The three images are rotated clockwise in the thumbnails pane. If you select one of the thumbnails, its image also appears rotated in the preview pane.

The Rotate button rotates images clockwise. Although you could rotate images counterclockwise by clicking the rotate button three times or by holding down Alt and clicking, you'll use a different technique for the next image.

4 Select the image that is still sideways, with the top of the vase on the right side of the image. Right-click (Windows) or Ctrl-click (Mac OS) the thumbnail to open the context menu, and choose Rotate 90° CCW.

5 Click OK to dismiss the alert message. The image is rotated counterclockwise.

6 With the rotated image still selected, press Enter (Windows) or Return (Mac OS).

The image opens in Photoshop rotated to the proper orientation.

You've finished this introductory lesson on the File Browser. As you work through this book, you'll have other opportunities to use the File Browser in lessons in which its advantages are particularly helpful.

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