Saving a customized preset brush

Now you'll create and save a brush based on an existing preset, and use it in your painting.

1 In the Layers palette, select the Umbrella layer set, if necessary, and then click the New Layer button (j) at the bottom of the palette. Double-click the new layer and type Leaves to name the layer.

2 With the brush tool selected in the toolbox, scroll through the Brushes palette and select the Scattered Maple Leaves brush.

3 On the left side of the Brushes palette, click the words Shape Dynamics to display the Shape Dynamics options on the right side of the palette. Enter the following settings, noticing how the stroke sample at the bottom of the palette changes each time you change a setting:

• In the Control pop-up menu near the top of the palette, select Fade, and then type 50 as the Fade value.

• In Roundness Jitter, drag the slider or type to set the value at 40%.

: n nrs


Brushes \ History \ [*)

Brush Presets

Size Jitter |l00?6 |

Brush Tip Shape

Control: f Fade |50 ) |

M Shape Dynamics

0 Scattering

1 I Texture

Minimum Diameter |] ^ |


Tilt Scale

□ Dual Brush

0 Color Dynamics

Angle Jitter |lOOM |

0 Other Dynamics


1 I Noise □ Wet Edges 1 1 Airbrush 1 I Smoothing 1 I Protect Texture

& Control: ( Pen Pressure i )

Roundness Jitter |40% |

" \ '

Control: f Off ^ i ]

Minimum Roundness |


I miTr i

1 El I 1

4 Again on the left side of the Brushes palette, click the word Scattering and drag the sliders or type on the right side of the palette to change the following settings:

P H7 | Brushes ^History "\ ^^

Brush Presets

Scatter 0 Both Axes f\2SS% J |

Brush Tip Shape 0 Shape Dynamics 0 Scatterinq


Control: f Off S j |

Count (

1 I Texture


Count Jitter |98% |

□ Dual Brush

[vj Color Dynamics


Control: f Off ± j |

Q Other Dynamics


5 In the upper left corner of the Brushes palette, click the Brush Presets to display the list of brushes again. Then drag the Master Diameter slider or type 65 pixels.

6 At the bottom of the Brushes palette, click the New Brush button (j), and then type Leaves 65 as the brush name and click OK.

The new brush appears at the bottom of the list of brushes in the palette.

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