Saving selections

Next, you'll select the two pears and save the selection itself. Later, you can reload the selection and use it as needed. Later in this lesson, you'll used your saved selection to colorize the pears and to add a special effect.

1 In the toolbox, select the zoom tool ( s), and drag a marquee around the pears to magnify your view. Make sure that you can see all of both pears in the image window.

2 Hold down the mouse on the lasso tool ( ■ ) to open the hidden tools list, and select the magnetic lasso tool

For best results when tracing the pear stem with the magnetic lasso tool, decrease the tool's lasso width and frequency values on the tool options bar. For example, try tracing the pear using a Lasso Width of 1 or 2 pixels and a Frequency of 40.

Note: ImageReady does not include the magnetic lasso tool.

3 Click once to set a point on the edge of the pear on the right, and then move the pointer (you do not need to hold down the mouse button) around the pear to trace its outline.

As you move the pointer, the active segment snaps to the strongest edge in the image. Periodically, the magnetic lasso tool adds fastening points to the selection border to anchor previous sections. Try to make your selection a reasonably accurate outline of the pear, but don't worry if it's not perfect.

You can also click the magnetic lasso tool as you trace the outline to add your own fastening points. This might be especially helpful around the stem or where the highlights or shadows make the edge between the pear and the background less distinctive.

4 When you get back to your starting point, a small circle appears in the lower right area of the magnetic lasso pointer ('£■), indicating that you can click to close the segment. Do that now.

5 Choose Select > Save Selection, and then type Right Pear for Name, and click OK to save the selection in a new channel.

6 Choose Select > Deselect to deselect the right pear.

7 Repeat the process (steps 1-6), this time selecting the left pear and saving the selection as Left Pear.

You now have two selections saved. To see them, click the Channel palette tab to open it and scroll down, if necessary. Click each pear channel name in turn to make the channel masks appear in the image window.

When you are ready to continue working, scroll to the top of the Channels palette and click the RGB channel to select it. Click the tab for the Layers palette to bring it forward in the palette group so it will be ready for the next procedure.

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