Scrolling an image

You use the hand tool to scroll through an image that does not fit in the active window. If the image fits in the active window, the hand tool has no effect when you drag it in the image window.

1 Drag the lower right corner of the image window inward to reduce the window size so that only part of the image fits in the window.

2 Select the hand tool ( ) and drag different directions in the image window to bring another skater into view. As you drag, the image moves with the hand tool pointer.

Like the zoom tool, you can select the hand tool from the keyboard without deselecting the active tool.

3 Select any tool but the hand tool.

4 Hold down the spacebar to select the hand tool from the keyboard. Drag to reposition the image. Then release the spacebar.

5 Double-click the zoom tool to return the image to 100% magnification.

Note: To return the window to its original size at 100% view, select Resize Windows to Fit in the zoom tool options bar, and then double-click the zoom tool.

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