Selecting from a center point

Sometimes it's easier to make elliptical or rectangular selections by drawing a selection from the center point of the object to the outside edge. Using this method, you'll select the globe.

1 In the toolbox, select the zoom tool ( s).

2 Scroll to the globe in the lower left area of the image, and click the zoom tool to increase the magnification to about 300%. Make sure you can see the entire globe in your image window.

3 In the toolbox, select the elliptical marquee tool ( . ).

4 Move the pointer to the approximate center of the globe. You can use the pivot points holding the globe and line of the equator as visual guides to help you locate the center.

5 Click and begin dragging. Then without releasing the mouse button, hold down Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac OS) and continue dragging the selection to the outer edge of the globe.

Notice that the selection is centered over its starting point.

To ensure that your ellipse is a perfect circle, you can also hold down Shift as you drag. If you held down Shift while using the rectangular marquee tool, you'd constrain the marquee shape to a perfect square.

6 When you have the entire globe selected, release the mouse button first and then release Alt or Option (and the Shift key, if you used it, too). Do not deselect, because you'll use this selection in the next topic.

If necessary, adjust the selection border using one of the methods you learned earlier. If you accidentally released the Alt or Option key before you release the mouse button, try selecting the globe again.

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