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The toolbox contains selection tools, painting and editing tools, foreground- and background-color selection boxes, and viewing tools. This section introduces the toolbox and shows you how to select tools. As you work through the lessons, you'll learn more about each tool's specific function.

1 To select a tool, click the tool in the toolbox, or you can press the tool's keyboard shortcut.

For example, to use the keyboard shortcut to select the zoom tool, press Z. Then, you can press M to switch back to the marquee tool. Selected tools remain active until you select a different tool.

If you don't know the keyboard shortcut for a tool, position the pointer over the tool until a tooltip appears, displaying the tool name and shortcut. All keyboard shortcuts are also listed in the Quick Reference section of online Help. You'll learn how to use online Help later in this lesson.

Photoshop and ImageReady use the same keyboard shortcut keys for corresponding keys, with the exceptions of A, P, Q, and Y:

• In Photoshop, press A for the selection tools; in ImageReady, press A to show or hide image maps.

• In Photoshop, press P for the pen tools; in ImageReady, press P for the image map tools.

• In Photoshop, press Q to switch between Quick Mask mode and Standard mode; in ImageReady, press Q to show or hide slices.

• In Photoshop, press Y for the history brush tools; in ImageReady, press Y for rollover preview.

Some of the tool buttons in the toolbox include a small triangle at the bottom right corner, indicating the presence of additional tools hidden behind the selected tool.

2 Select hidden tools in any of the following ways:

• Hold down the mouse button on a tool with a small triangle symbol (such as the rectangular marquee tool, which is the default tool selection) to open a pop-up menu of the additional hidden tools. Drag the pointer to the tool you want to use, and release the mouse button.

• Hold down Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac OS), and click the tool in the toolbox to toggle through the hidden tools in sequence until the tool you want to use is selected.

• Press Shift + the tool's keyboard shortcut repeatedly until the tool you want is selected.

Photoshop 7.0

Adobe Online • Marquee • Lasso • Crop • Healing brush • Clone stamp • Eraser Blur • Path selection Pen • Note • Hand

Foreground color

Default colors •

Standard mode

Standard screen mode

Full screen mode with menu bar

History brush




Switch foreground and background colors

Background color

Quick Mask mode Full screen mode Jump to ImageReady

Lasso Tool L

^^ Polygonal Lasso Tool L Magnetic Lasso Tool L

y' Healing Brush Tool J

^ Patch Tool J

i Clone Siamp Tool S

Pattern Stamp Tool £

^ Eraser Tool

Background Eraser Tool Magic Eraser Tool

Blur Tool R

Jf Slice Tool K

Slice Select Tool K

^ Brush Tool B

Pencil Tool B

Jjpf History Brush Tool V

Art History Brush V

Paint Bucket Tool C

4 Dodge Tool O

^\ Burn Tool O Sponge Tool O

jft Eyedropper Tool I

Color Sampler Tool I yj? Measure Tool I

Notes Tool N

l^jJ Audio Annotation Tool N

ImageReady 7.0

Rectangle image map

Foreground color Default colors

Toggle image maps visibility

Preview document

Standard screen mode

Full screen mode with menu bar

Marquee Tool

Switch foreground and background colors

Background color j (Rounded Rectangle Marquee Tool

Elliptical Marquee Tool J Single Row Marquee Tool n

[j Single Column Marquee Tool

1 Slice Tool

Slice Select Tool

Elliptical Marquee Tool J Single Row Marquee Tool n

[j Single Column Marquee Tool

' Eraser Tool E

Magic Eraser Tool E

Full screen mode Jump to Photoshop

' Eraser Tool E

Magic Eraser Tool E

Toggle slices visibility pdE) r"-Preview in Default Browser

» For an overview of the tools that describes their functions, see figure 1-1 in the color section.

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