Selecting with the lasso tool

You can use the lasso tool to make selections that require both freehand and straight lines. You'll select the fountain pen for the collage using the lasso tool this way. It takes a bit of practice to use the lasso tool to alternate between straight-line and freehand selections— if you make a mistake while you're selecting the fountain pen, simply deselect and start again.

1 Select the zoom tool ( s), and click the fountain pen image as needed until the view enlarges to 100%. Make sure that you can see the entire pen image in the window.

2 Select the lasso tool ( ). Starting at the lower left of the image, drag around the rounded end of the fountain pen, tracing the shape as accurately as possible. Do not release the mouse button.

3 Hold down Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac OS) and then release the mouse button so that the lasso pointer changes to the polygonal lasso shape ( ).

4 Begin clicking along the top side of the cap and barrel of the pen to place anchor points, using long or short lines as needed to match the contours of the fountain pen. Be sure to keep the Alt or Option key held down throughout this process.

5 When you reach the curved edge of the nib, keep the mouse button held down and then release the Alt or Option key. The pointer again appears as the lasso icon.

6 Carefully drag around the nib of the pen, keeping the mouse button down.

7 When you finish tracing the nib and reach the lower side of the barrel, first hold down Alt or Option again, and then release the mouse button and start clicking along the lower side of the pen. Continue to trace the pen until you arrive back at the starting point of your selection near the left end of the image.

8 Make sure that the last straight line crosses the start of the selection, release Alt or Option, and then release the mouse button. The pen is now entirely selected. Go on to the next procedure without deselecting the fountain pen.

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