Setting and previewing the timing sequence

Now you'll set a delay for playing each frame in the animation, and then play it. 1 From the Animation palette menu, choose Select All Frames.

2 Click the time (0 seconds, which is the default) beneath one of the frames to open the Frame Delay pop-up menu, and choose 0.1 seconds.

The new value appears below each frame thumbnail, indicating that the time delay applies to all the frames in the palette. (You can also vary the time delay for individual frames.)

3 Click the Play button (V) in the Animation palette to view your animation, and then click the Stop button (■) when you're ready to stop the animation.

4 Choose File > Preview In, and choose a browser application from the submenu to play the animation with accurate timing. When you finish previewing, return to ImageReady.

5 Choose File > Save Optimized As. Make sure that the image is named Blender.gif, click Save, and then click Replace to replace the existing file.

The Save Optimized As command saves a file in the GIF, JPEG, or PNG format, for use in you Web pages. GIF is the only format that supports animations.

6 Choose File > Close to close your original image without saving changes. You've finished your work on the blender animation.

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