Setting layer positions

1 In the Animation palette, make sure that frame 2 is selected. Then, in the Layers palette, select the J layer.

J Layers _(£)

| Normal $ J Opacity: |l00fi | f |

Lock: [[I










^iiimi ©.nana i ai a

2 Select the move tool (•>), hold down Shift (to constrain the movement), and drag the "J" to the left side of the image window so that only a portion of the "J" is visible.

3 In the Layers palette, select the S layer and then hold down Shift and drag to a similar position on the right side of image window.

4 Using the same technique as above, move the Bar layer to the upper edge of the image window and the U layer to the bottom edge of the image window. (First select the layer, and then drag it with the move tool to its new position.)

5 In the Layers palette, select the J layer and drag the Opacity slider to 20%. Repeat this process to reset the opacity of each of the other three layers.

In the Animation palette, notice that frame 2 has updated to reflect the current image state. To make frame 2 the starting state of your animation, you'll switch the order of the two frames.

6 In the Animation palette, drag frame 2 to the left, releasing the mouse when the black bar appears to the left of frame 1.

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