Setting the optimal brightness and contrast

Now you'll adjust the monitor's overall level and range of display intensity. These controls work just as they do on a television. Adjusting the monitor's brightness and contrast enables the most accurate screen representation for the gamma adjustment that follows.

1 With Adobe Gamma running, set the contrast control on your monitor to its highest setting. On many monitors, this control is shown next to a contrast icon (©).

2 Adjust the brightness control on your monitor—located next to a brightness icon (-£>-) on many monitors—as you watch the alternating pattern of black and gray squares across the top half of the Brightness and Contrast rectangle in Adobe Gamma. Make the gray squares in the top bar as dark as possible without matching the black squares, while keeping the bottom area a bright white. (If you can't see a difference between the black and gray squares while keeping the bottom area white, your monitor's screen phosphors may be fading.)

A. Gray squares too light B. Gray squares too dark and white area too gray C. Gray squares and white area correctly adjusted

Do not adjust the brightness and contrast controls on your monitor again unless you are about to update the monitor profile. Adjusting the controls invalidates the monitor profile. You can tape the hardware controls in place if necessary.

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