Slicing the image in Image Ready

You've already learned several ways to create and work with slices in Photoshop, all of which can also be done in ImageReady. Although the options sometimes appear in different locations in the two applications, you can also use either Photoshop or ImageReady to create slices from guides or layers and to optimize individual slices.

In this part of the lesson, you'll use ImageReady to convert a layer into a slice, create a No Image slice, and create a precisely shaped slice from a selection. Later in the lesson, you'll work with the Rollovers palette—a feature unique to ImageReady—to build interactivity into your images.

You'll start by jumping directly from Photoshop to ImageReady. When you use the Jump To feature to go back and forth between Photoshop and ImageReady, the currently active file also jumps with you, opening in the target application.

1 In the Photoshop toolbox, click the Jump to ImageReady button ^ ,). The 15Start.psd file opens in ImageReady.

2 Choose Window > Workspace > Reset Palette Locations to make sure that the palettes are in their default positions.

Notice that the ImageReady menu bar includes a Slices menu, and that a Slice palette tab appears in the Animations palette group in the lower left area of the workspace. This menu and palette group appear only in ImageReady, not in Photoshop.

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